Bake Cookies


Please enjoy these tested recipes. Molded cookies require specially created recipes to hold the imprint.

Perfection Springerle Cookies

These dense cake-like like delicacies date back to at least the 1600’s and originated in Bavaria, Switzerland and the Alsace area of France. For eating quality, ease and quality of prints, this recipe is just perfection!

Speculaas or Spekulaitus

A holiday tradition in Holland (“windmill cookies”), Belgium, Northern Germany, and Scandanavia. They can printed with Springerle molds that are of a low and even depth.

General Directions for Printing Cookies

Size and liquidity of eggs, flour, and weather can affect your dough. Use your senses to decide if the dough will print well without sticking. You may need to use less or more flour than the recipe states.

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Connie shows how to make the perfect Springerle cookie!