No Springerle Molds in Boston

I just returned from a business/pleasure trip to Boston. While touring the Freedom Trail and exploring the city on foot, I popped my head into as many antique stores as possible. I am always hoping to stumble upon a Springerle mold to add to my collection and will  willingly  cart it around. No luck! It is also my habit to check out the offerings of local bakeries to see if they offer up any German pastries.  Alas – no Springerle – although not really the right time of year to find them.

Clearly, in a place where history abounds, there were few Germans that settled in this area. Although there were local beers and Sam Adams actually was a brewer of beer, the influences there are definitively English and Italian. I saw some beautiful pastry shops in the North End of Boston. They were thriving places (even at night) as were the ice cream shops; both also served liquor which is something you would be unlikely to find in the Midwest. But a dessert, coffee and /or wine after dinner, well, yes, that's a pretty good combo. We also enjoyed a wonderful Italian dinner of seafood in marinara sauce with pasta while on our trek through the North End of Boston. Yummy! Italian pastries often include anise biscotti, a great light sweet after a meal. If you like red wine, you should try a Springerle cookie with a glass of red wine after dinner. Yes, that too is a pretty good combo.