Beauty, Speed or Both?

The absolutely most beautiful Springerle will be created using single presses, but of course, creating each cookie individually will take more time. The other option is to use a multiple press or a rolling pin which will emboss many cookies with one pressing.

So how do you choose?

Here are some considerations: size, use, design and of course available time. Single cookie molds are design specific and are available in a range of sizes. Generally, multiple presses are smaller cookies, but there are various sizes. You need not give up beauty for efficiency, as there are many beautiful multiple presses. You just need to press hard enough to get a really clean casting and keep the pressing even so the the cookies are the same thickness throughout. So, if you need many cookies to serve with other dessert choices, a smaller cookie make work best. And if you make thousands of cookies, a multiple press may save your sanity.  I make many, many cookies for samples and sharing and often go this route. You may also want to consider the containers you wish to use for storage. Some cookie sizes are too large to fit in certain tins or containers. A beautifully packaged single cookie for a special event may call for a larger cookie with a specific theme. This week I made cookies for a wine tasting and the obvious design choice was a grape motif, a decision based solely on theme.  I was willing to take the time to press each cookie to have this specific design. There is an advantage to Springerle in that you can (and should) make them in advance....a very helpful quality. Yes, you CAN have beauty and speed.