Alas, my kids hate anise!

I have tried many other flavors, but the traditional anise flavor is still my very favorite. Growing up, it never occured to me to have anything but anise Springerle, but when I became the family baker of Springerle, I discovered that anise was not a universally loved cookie flavor. My husband thought the cookies beautiful, but would not even partake of a nibble; my children followed suit. So I indulged my Springerle passion and shipped the tins off to more appreciative audiences.

I at last discovered that other flavors could be substituted with great success. Now I regularly make the lemon, orange and almond flavors. I have made raspberry Springerle and backed them with chocolate; also the orange and chocolate is a delicious combination. I came up with a wonderful cappuccino flavor – coffee extract and cinnamon – which makes a dark Springerle delicious with coffee. These options, while not traditional, please many who would otherwise only look at their Springerle cookies.

When trying flavor options, remember that oils are much stronger than extracts and fruit oils are not as potent as anise and almond oils. Finely grated orange or lemon rind enhances the flavor of anise. I will continue to try additional flavor combinations, because I just can't seem to stop myself. I've even converted some anise haters into anise enjoyers. And I take such pleasure in sharing Springerle with any and everyone!