Dehydrator - a new use!

It's summer and you want to bake Springerle for your niece's wedding? You need  a little Christmas in July? You live in a tropical climate all year?

Then you will love this great idea for Springerle from Vicky Shoup! Vicky lives in a midwest area that has hot sticky summers, but has solved the drying problem that makes the summer making of Springerle so very tricky.  I have advised bakers in the past to turn their air conditioners down to 60 degrees and turn on the dehumidifier. This works, but uses lots of power! Vicky dries the formed Springerle in her Excalibur dehydrator for several hours at the lowest setting. (She uses a longer time for larger cookies; she makes time adjustments for both size and thickness.)  The cookies should be placed on a solid sheet, not a rack. The front cover of the dehydrator needs to be ajar to allow air circulation and to keep the temperature lower. Check  cookies often to make sure they are not too warm.  If they get too warm, turn off the dehydrator and open its door.   She checks the drying cookies after several hours and insures that a "crust " has dried on the top and that there is still an area of moist dough in the center of the bottom surface. If the cookies get too dry on the bottom, you can brush a small amount of water on the bottom of the cookies before baking. Thus, the pattern is set and she is able to bake the cookies on the same day, even in the most humid conditions.

This is a great idea and I am anxious to try this technique. This is a bonus for you Florida bakers who have gotten so frustrated that you are unable to successfully make Springerle.

Thank you Vicky!!