Most Common Springerle Boo-Boos

Thought some "newbys" to Springerle baking might need a quick rundown of the most common mistakes:

  • Not letting the cookies dry long enough resulting in less distinct impressions. The cookies will taste fine, but will not be as pretty.

  • Rolling the dough too thickly, resulting in a cookie that rises too much and over-puffs the imprinted design.

  • Rolling the dough too thinly, resulting in a Springerle that is very hard.

  • Over-baking the cookies until they are rocks

It's true that molded cookies are by no means the easiest cookies to make, but if you read every entry in this blog, many of your questions will be answered. I do find that just when I think I have answered every possible concern, another question pops up, so I'll just keep at it. I almost always learn something new every day and that is a good thing!

And's only a cookie! Your cookie baking should be fun! It will take a few batches to perfect your skill.